Test station Cas Concos Hotel Son Vent


How it works - Get your test result step by step
  1. Only individual bookings possible: Please book a separate appointment for each person.
  2. Appointments can be booked a maximum of 14 days in advance
  1. Be punctual! Please come to the test station at the exact time of the booked appointment to avoid queues and to keep the risk of infection low.
  1. The swab test is carried out by medical staff and the entire test procedure takes only a few minutes.
  1. You will receive the test result as an internationally recognised travel certificate by e-mail immediately after the test.

Address: C. Cas Concos a S'Alqueria Blanca; 07208 Cas Concos des Cavaller 


The price includes: 

Antigen rapid test: 30 € / Logistics & Administration: 19 €

Test station Cas Concos Hotel Son Vent


Hotel Son Vent Cas Concos