Test-Station Cas Concos Hotel Son Vent



During the check-in procedure at the hotel, you will be informed of your personal test date which will be scheduled immediately before departure. For the test you only have to bring a photo ID. The sample is taken with a nasopharynx swab, the process takes only a few seconds and you will receive the results via email after about 30 minutes. This allows you to present the results conveniently at the airport, e.g., on your smartphone. Upon request, we will happily provide a printed version of your test results.

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Rapid COVID-19 antigen test by medically trained staff


Only single bookings


To bring: 

Valid photo ID

Email address


30 minutes before the test you should NOT: 




*chew bubble gum

Please be on time.


Please provide during the booking process your name, full address, ID number and contact details.


Test-Station Cas Concos Hotel Son Vent


Hotel Son Vent Cas Concos


For further information and questions contact us via email, phone or WhatsApp at: +34 654 622 563.